I was born and raised in Allentown, Pennsylvania but moved to Philadelphia almost 10 years ago to attend Temple University.  I am still waiting word for how long I have to live in this city before I can start to say, when away on travel, that I am from Philadelphia, since no matter how far you travel everyone has heard of Billy Joel. 

My mother and father, who constantly wonder (out loud while we are on the phone) when I am going to settle down and get my life on track, still live in Allentown.  My sister is an attorney here in the city, and provides me with some of the material you read here.  My brother is a bartender in Allentown and has suggested on more than one occasion that if I got rid of my combat boots I would have an easier time finding a boyfriend.  My brother is under the mistaken impression that I am a radical feminist. So whenever he makes this comment, I strap on my combat boots and kick him to within inches of his life.

I was working at a bar after I finished college, living the dream as they say, when one night after closing I was sitting next to two other bartenders; one was an artist, the other an illustrator.  They were both much older than me and talking about the artistic process and how hard it was and then the one turned to me and asked how my writing was coming. I took a job at a bar to give my self time to write.  But the lifestyle, coming in at 4 a.m. and not waking up until 2 p.m. to go back to work at 5, wasn’t conducive to my creative process.  The next day I called my sister and she got me a job at her law office.  I have been a legal assistant/paralegal since.

I have wanted to be a writer since I was eight years old.  I wrote for my grade school paper, my middle school paper and was an editor for my high school paper.  Despite all the warnings from guidance counselors and advisors, I majored in journalism.  I have a lot of regrets, but coming to Philadelphia to pursue my dream is not one of them.  Dying my hair tangerine, well that is an entirely different story all together.

Speaking of regrets, over the years I have dated a lot and a recent admission that I don’t date attorneys has raised some eyebrows.  For the record, I also don’t date guys from Michigan, or guys that wrestled in high school or college.  I probably wouldn’t date a professional wrestler either, but that’s not an official rule.  Don’t hate me – hate the guys that ruined me.


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