April 9, 2008

A Thousand Times Adieu

Posted in Public Service Announcement at 4:41 pm by devilwearsbrooksbrothers

Alright, I know a lot of you know that I have serious commitment issues.But I promise, what follows is not about my inability to see something through to the end or my need to get out when it starts going really well because I am scared about what will come next. It’s not because Philebrity said they liked me and if someone likes me that must mean there is something wrong with that person and so I should run for the hills (or the arms of an ex), even though I know that in a couple of years when I see that person out with another girl and we start talking and I see how happy he is with her I’ll kick myself for being such an a-hole.

I swear this is not about you. For that matter it’s not about me either. It’s about them.

The powers that be – who in this analogy will be playing the part of our parents to my fair-haired maiden Juliet and your (my readers) love-struck Romeo. Well, except for the haters, they will be playing the part of the emotionally abusive Romeo. Not many folks know it, but in earlier drafts of the Bard’s play, Romeo was a bit of a jerk as he tried to persuade Juliet to give it up.

Yes, just like the adults in that tale of woe that kept Juliet from her Romeo, the powers that be would like it if I didn’t write this blog for you to read.

So, is this it? Good-bye forever? Off to Mantua with you and a life of serving Paris for me? Who’s to say? Maybe I will deny my father and refuse my name. Of course that would leave me broke – with the Capulet names goes the Capulet trust fund. And it is not as if you can support us with the sporadic work you are finding; it’s not as if folks are lining up to hire an exile. Then there are bills to pay, eventually we will want children and they will need braces and we will need money for private schools because Mantua public school are absolutely terrible.

Alright, maybe the starving artist route isn’t for me, err us. After all, I really like pocketbooks and you are not that hip-hip on reading about my personal life – you much prefer to read about my work life. So, while I investigate whether or not a rose by any other name really does smell as sweet, you all don’t lose hope that the only way this ends is a suicide pact. It has been more than 500 years since Shakespeare penned that tragedy. Certainly other options are available to us.



  1. Rockin' Roxette said,

    “Goodbye Girl” by David Gates (and various artists)! ;-P

  2. Cameron said,

    I am really sorry to see you go! As much as I like your blog, I’m just glad I won’t have to endure any more of Rockin’ Roxette’s stupid comments.

    Hey RR — if you’re here, who’s running hell??

  3. Fan of All Humor said,

    Good luck, Devil, we will miss you. And I will miss Rockin’ Roxette, too. I think her musical quips were clever. I guess I’m just a sucker for humor of all kinds! You go, girls!

  4. Fox Blockhead said,

    Best of luck to you, Devil. I enjoyed your witting commentary on working with our city’s legal eagles! Now fess up – are you also Rockin’ Roxette? I always suspected you two were one and the same. If not, well then best of luck Roxette as well!

  5. I assure you, Fox, I am just as in the dark about the real identity of Rockin’ Rockette as the rest of you.

  6. Trish Ryan said,

    No! But I just found your blog! Granted, I missed all the drama that lead to this farewell (and someone named Rockin’ Roxette? Seriously?) but you can’t stop now!

    Get thee to blogspot…if you lead, we’ll follow 🙂

  7. Rockin' Roxette said,

    (for Cameron); “Why Are You So Mean to Me?” by Nada Surf! ;-P

  8. Daddy said,

    The truth is I will miss this but not as much as your readers because I will still be able to see the Devil’s famous smile. Love, Dad : )

  9. Jenifer said,

    Well, I for one am kind of happy its over. If I had to hear one more time, “can you read this for me and tell me what you think?” I was going to go all chicken killer on someone!!

    No, in all seriousness, the fact that you won’t be writing this anymore and the reasons why BITES THE BIG FAT ONE. And will all know what we think of big fat ones.

    Anyway, too bad readers. Sarah is awesome and I am sorry that you won’t be able to enjoy her awesomenessity anymore.

    I love you Bug!!!


  10. Phisherman said,

    Roxette, please let us know which other blog(s) you are musically interpreting. You rock!

  11. Erin said,

    I stumbled upon your blog quite a while ago, and have been an avid, and I mean checking-up-every-third-day-to-see-if-a-new-blog-has-been-posted avid fan. Though, I must admit that I’ve been wondering how long the fun would last until the quash was placed on your writing.

    You are truly a charasmatic author, and I extend to you my appreciation for making my favorites so colorful.

    Good luck in your writing.

  12. Anonymous said,

    I can’t believe that you really gave up this blog. You were inspirational! I want to follow in your footsteps. Think the Legal is looking for a replacement–not the right word—no one can replace you–a new blogger?

  13. Robin said,

    Dear Sarah-the-really-smart-n-funny-girl,

    I found this blog today while doing an internet search to replace my Brooks Brothers sunglasses, model # BB 391S, in case any Brooks Brothers reps or distributors of discontinued BB sunglasses happen to read this, that I lost on my wedding day. How odd is that? I mean, your blog comes up just because it has Brooks Brothers in it, and I just spent the last hour and a half reading this 2 year old blog, and it just really entertained the hell outta me. Yay you.


    The new Mrs. Harding sans sunglasses

  14. Michellew said,

    I can not believe I just found this blog, and come to find this! Well, Roxette, you can always come by and stalk, er, I mean musically interpret my blog.

    Good luck Sarah.

  15. Oh NO! I just found your blog via the news today, and now I want to suddenly become “violently ill”, go home and read every single entry. I am so sorry about your job loss, but excited that you might get to live *MY* dream — writing for a living. You can still blog, can’t you? Maybe just change th’ title to “The Devil Wears Whatever the Hell She Feels Like” and the description to “Philadelaphia’s newest up-and-coming writer, formerly known as its most beloved legal assistant?”

    Best wishes to you, and I hope to see more of your writing soon.

    Lynne DeVenny
    Author/Blogger at Practical Paralegalism

  16. Hello bro.
    I the first day here.
    Wished to show to you,scandal story


  17. not that clown said,

    you came up when i was searching for brooksbrothers shipping codes.
    no codes. and no more blog. no rockin’ rox… man! no cake no cake…

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