January 4, 2008

A New Year and Another Chance at A New Me

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Last year at this time, I took the opportunity to share with you my resolutions for the new year. And while my intention was to share with you just how hard it was to live a dual life, telling the legal community the changes I wanted to make had unexpected consequences of actually having to keep my resolutions, less one of my readers caught me sneaking a butt.

And because I am selfish and entitled and this is my blog, I think I am going to share with you my resolutions again, hoping it has the same effect. With any luck, this time next year I will be writing this blog to you sitting on a size two behind.

A few weeks back, New Boss and I were talking about nothing really when the topic turned to wine and he asked me if I had ever been to Napa Valley. I answered honestly, No.

A couple minutes later, he asked me if I was ever in Ireland.


Later, still talking about traveling, he asked me if I had ever been to France.

Yeah, oh no.

He smiled and asked me where I had been.

Truth be told, not very many places. In fact, the only time I was ever out of the United States was in college when I visited Tijuana, Mexico. Thus, new year resolution number one was born; and, actually this may be more a new life resolution — travel more. Even if they are just mini-breaks like the ones taken by Favorite Associate, who used to hop across the pond like some of my friends take trips to NYC.

Of course, one thing I learned from Favorite Associate was that knowing an extra language is helpful when traveling abroad. That is why new year resolution number two is to finally learn French.

I bet a lot of you are wondering how you will be able to track how I am doing on these two resolutions if you see me out at a bar. It’s not as if you could walk by Public House and I will be wearing a beret and a pin that says: “Ask me about my latest trip abroad.” Okay, you might see me outside wearing a beret, but not the button. Still, you can ask me about my latest adventures in French, and if I respond in English that I haven’t had any yet, you can hit me on the side of my head.

I would love to write that my third is to stop judging others, but why set myself up to fail. Besides, if god didn’t want me to judge others, he wouldn’t have made me perfect (haters, you are welcome for that freebie).

I would like to start reading The New York Times everyday, or at least most of the NYT everyday, (of course I will be doing it online in keeping with my resolution to be more environmentally friendly). It may shock even some of my closest friends to learn that I don’t currently read the NYT everyday. That is because I often start conversations with, “Did anyone read that story in the Times today about . . .”

My friends have yet to respond, “oh yeah. . .” Which is why I can then go on to give the synopsis that someone else gave me earlier in the day.

Even as I start the conversation I feel bad about myself and how phony I am. And, much like last year and quitting smoking and starting running, instead of just coming clean, I am going to modify my behavior to make me the person I want to be.

Along that same line, I would also like to start waking up in the morning to give myself enough time to eat breakfast and read a paper. I would like to stop negotiating portions of my morning routine in order to sleep an additional seven minutes at a time.

So, did any of my readers or haters make any resolutions? Care to share?



  1. Joe said,

    No resolutions for the New Year. Well, I sort of told myself to keep up with running and excercise; and not to get in a heated huff when attorneys annoy me (I may have trouble with the last one; but thank God for vodka) 🙂

  2. Slinky said,

    I resolve to be in bed by 10pm M-F.

  3. Chris said,

    …”lest one of my readers….”

  4. Dave said,

    Until this year, I never made a resoltion. This year, though, just seemed to scream out for it, so here they are:

    1. Stop eating red meat and chicken – two weeks, so far so good
    2. No dating for at least 30 days – need time to rethink what I am looking for in a relationship
    3. Journal every night – what I did/didn’t do, who made me angry, who made me happy, etc – not quite every night, but almost

    So, that’s it – good luck to you in keeping yours.

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