July 19, 2007

The Accidental Date

Posted in Office Hijinks at 5:21 pm by devilwearsbrooksbrothers

I may have accidentally broken my rule about dating co-workers last week.  

It was a really nice Friday and I had dressed particularly sharp just in case I bumped into Loophole (the summer associate I am allowed to have a crush on because he’s not an attorney yet) in the elevator or the lobby. 

I spent most of the morning emailing friends, trying to convince them that they really wanted to go to happy hour that night, while simultaneously trying to tap into my spidey-senses to determine where Loophole would be live at five. The email icon popped into the corner of my desktop and I clicked on it fearing another rejection from a friend cool enough to be going down to the shore that weekend. 

Instead, I found an email from Counselor, a co-worker introduced to me by L.  He noted that it was a lovely day and asked if there was anyway I could escape from my desk for lunch. We had witty email banter back and forth and decided to grab lunch outside somewhere.

Lunch was fun, more laughing and some discussion of politics and then the bill came and he took it. Odd, for a friendly lunch.  I would have raised an eyebrow (if I could raise just one) but instead I thanked him and put my pocketbook back down.

As we were making the long walk back to work he made a comment about having fun and wanting to do it again. Now, I have only been on maybe seven dates, but this part, this part about having fun and getting together again seemed to be how each of them ended. 

Confused, I called my sister who goes on more dates than anyone else I know.

“Hey Sister, what’s up?”

“Hey Devil, how are you?” 

“Not so good.  I think I just went on a date with a guy I work with.”  

“Oh, remember the time I accidentally went out with IT Guy?” 

“Yeah, well, it was a lot like that.”

“Did he pay?”


“Then it was a date.”

“What?  No.  I have had lunch with Old Boss and he always paid and those were never dates.”  

“Yes, but he was your boss.  And you were celebrating.”  

“Not always.  Sometimes we just had lunch just because and he would pay.”  

“It was different.  Those were not dates.”  

“They had better not have been.  Old Boss is married.”

There was some silence as I think we both mulled over my current situation. I remembered the last time I was accidentally on date with a co-worker.  He was engaged to be married so I thought I was safe.  Then he told me he wanted to sleep with me and I realized I was not in my happy place.  I thought about it some more, and that guy didn’t pay.  

I was just about the mention this when Sister asked, “So what are you going to do about it?”

I bit the side of my lip and shrugged my shoulders.  “Nothing; just wait and see what happens next.”  

Because, I mean, if he calls or emails asking to go out for lunch again, clearly this means he just wants to be friends.  I never get asked out on a second date.


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