July 2, 2007

Welcome to the First Ever Klemmy’s

Posted in Blog Backlash, Lawyer Lifestyles, Public Service Announcement at 8:38 pm by devilwearsbrooksbrothers

So apparently some of you don’t think I am very funny, some of you think I’m whiney and at least one of you thinks you may end up like me in 5 to 10 years.  Still not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing, but in an effort to win some of you back I am offering my first ever list of the best things in Center City.   

See, I know at least some of you are new to this city, whether that is because you just moved here from law school or because you are summering here.  Some of you may have even moved here because of a significant other.  Well, moving is hard and learning a new city is even harder, not that I know from first-hand experience, but I hear these things.   

So, here are my observations on where to eat and hang out since that is what I do a lot of in Philadelphia.  Maybe farther down the road I will offer suggestions on where to go to see a show or the best place to buy flowers after you screwed around on your girlfriend.  Maybe.  For now, I will stick with what I know: food and drink.     

The best part, if you don’t agree with me you can say so.  I only ask that if you think I messed up, tell me why.  Give me an alternative.  I will try it and let you know why you are wrong.  Other readers can try both and agree with me.  This way everyone wins. And we like that right?  Everyone winning.  

Best Dunkin’ Donuts 

This is a no brainer.  The Dunkin Donuts in the concourse located between the ATM machines and a salad shop, across from the bookstore, underneath 4 Penn Center. Yes it always has a huge line, but they fly through that line like it was their jobs.  I guess because it is. 

Best Sandwich

Nodding Head’s Muffaletta.  I know a lot of you may disagree with this,  you may argue that choosing a sandwich that is not native to the area is just wrong, but I don’t care.  This thing is heaven on a boule roll. 

Second Best Sandwich

Café Loftus’ The Elvis. It’s got peanut butter, it’s got bananas and it’s got honey all toasted to gooey perfection on your choice of bread.  And at less than $4.00, what is there not to love? 

Best Pizza

Dolce and Carini’s white slice.  At 20th and Chestnut this is a bit of a hike for some of you.  But if you love garlic and ricotta cheese, trust me it is worth it. 

Best Burger 

Good Dog.  If I didn’t ruffle your feathers with the muffaletta, this choice for best burger may.  But I am sorry, they stuff their burgers with Roquefort cheese.  There is no other word for that but awesome.   I’m not giving them best mussels or best fries or even best beer selection.  Not that those are categories this time around, but those are all the categories their number one competitor for best burger would surely win. 

Best Summer Happy Hour

Mexican Post.  The food is not great, the layout is awkward and the service is deplorable.  But with $3.00 margaritas the size of your head, you can overlook all those other things.  Plus the outside patio is nice as long as it isn’t too hazy hot and humid in the city. 

Oh and be advised that these are just my opinions formed over 10 years of trial and error.  There was no official voting or polling or sampling done and these views certainly don’t express the views of my editor or this publication.

Also, if you have a nut allergy, don’t get the Elvis Pressley as it is made with peanuts and therefore could kill you.

I would really hate to see that happen to most of you.



  1. Law Larry said,

    Hey Diablo, these are pretty good but when are you going to fill us in on your new job and make fun of your co-workers??

  2. Patience, Grasshopper. I am still getting to know everyone.

  3. Devil's Angel said,

    It would also be interesting to hear your take (and others?) on what the most over-rated restaurants are. Why do I think something with a Philly cheesesteak might appear? 😉

  4. B1ue said,

    Did you tell your new job about this blog when you were interviewing with them? If so, how did that conversation go? One of my professors mentioned that she and others on the last hiring committee looked up potential lecturers on the internet and read their blogs. I doubt it was remotely a problem in your case, but I’d still like to know how the discussion went, if anything was made of it at all.

    Also, I wanted to apologize to the Devil and any of her fans who took exception to my last comment. It was her I was trying to criticize, but Legal Blog Surfer. By the way, I really am 23, but as a male, it will necessarily take much longer for me to “grow up” than the average female, let alone the exceptional female the Devil has proved herself to be, post after post.

  5. Blue, first, there is no need to suck-up, I will answer your questions even if you don’t think I am the coolest person ever and you want to be just like me when you grow up.

    Second, my blog did come up during my interview, it was actually how my new job found me. So, you can imagine the conversation went well. Actually, my new employers were a little shocked that I was so reserved in person, but that is hardly the point. The point is that I know this blog could have prevented me from getting a job. I imagine a lot of HR managers could have looked at my resume, check out this site and decided they didn’t want their firm’s dirty laundry being aired for all the world to see. It never came up in any other interviews because my application never got that far. That is the sort of thing that is check well before an interview is ever scheduled.

    Other things you may wish to clean up before sending your resume out is your myspace or facebook page. What you think is just good, fun pictures of you and your friends loaded and drawing all over the drunk girl that passed out at your beach house, potential employers could look at as irresponsible and (gasp) reprehensible. And if you think they don’t know about myspace and facebook and all those other fun “networking” sites, think again.

  6. Allergic Patient said,

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