June 7, 2007

Ah, To Be Young Again

Posted in Office Hijinks at 10:03 pm by devilwearsbrooksbrothers

As the start of my very last year in my twenties grows closer, I have been doing a lot of reminiscing.

Since I was about 13, I have had older friends. Part of the reason for this was that I have a much older sister that I idolized and worshipped when I was younger. I tagged along after her and her friends and forced them to like me by threatening to tell my parents what they were doing.

Sure, having much older friends has its perks. For instance, there are no pictures of me wearing New Kids on the Block paraphernalia since all my cool friends told me NKOTB sucked and instead introduced me to Duran Duran and the Ramones.

At the same time, I missed out on a lot as well. Like my prom. Okay, I don’t really feel like I “missed out” on going to my prom, but I didn’t go because I spent the long weekend at the shore with my college-aged friends. And I never really got to be 20. By the time I was in my early 20s my friends were all in their mid to late 20s (some were even in their early 30s) and they just expected me to act their age. Or maybe I did so in an effort to fit in.

So I was sitting in one of the many orientations I had to participate in for my new job. Across from me were two girls in their late teens/early twenties, both from Ivy League schools, both spending their summer working for the office.

Without getting into the whole idea that these girls were wasting a really expensive education to spend the summer typing, or even investigate the possibility that this summer was less about gaining experience in the working world and more about getting their MRS degree; what really worried me was that they weren’t going to have any fun.

After all, isn’t college the time you get to goof off and get really lame but fun jobs? Like life guarding at the shore or working for Disney as a summer intern? Isn’t there a radio or TV station somewhere between here and Vassar that could use their phone skills?

While I wasn’t about to try to send away these invaluable workers during my first week on the job, I wasn’t going to stand by without a good explanation as to why they would forgo a summer living in a dorm-like hotel, pouring fountain drinks and flirting with hot guys.

They both sort of shrugged their shoulders and offered that they are thinking about being lawyers.

Fortunately for the young-ins, our instructor walked in before I could lay into them about how college wasn’t a time for deciding a career. College was a time for taking really interesting, albeit useless courses like, JFK Conspiracy Theory, going to frat parties and developing really bad taste in music. Maybe that is the real difference between Ivy League students and the rest of us. Maybe they start planning the rest of their lives while the rest of us plan our schedules to keep our Fridays free.

Then I remembered partying with Harvard guys after Head of the Charles and took that all back. People aren’t born that good at flip cup. That sort of skill takes practice. And that much practice requires missing a lot of morning classes.

Still, watching them take notes on time entry did leave me feeling better about my own 20s. While I will never be young enough to get away with ridiculous fashion whims again, I can tell you what it is like to spend a summer in Wildwood, living in a two-bedroom dump with five girls and a guy. And sure,it may be too late for me to make a huge, uncomfortable scene breaking up with a boyfriend in a packed bar, as many girls in their young twenties are wont to do, but I have fallen out of my fair share of bars. That has to count for something.



  1. Legal blog surfer said,

    Borrrrrrinnnnnnnng! Don’t quit your day job, honey.

  2. Oh my gosh, how exciting. I have a detractor.
    Don’t worry, Legal blog surfer, I have no plans to leave my current profession.
    Keep hatin’.

  3. snaillady2 said,

    Awww…I remember my early 20s…unlike most of my friends and family, that is. 😉 Like you and the eager beavers, I was actually studious and in grad school and had no money to go partying even if I was inclined.

    I had my goof offs through my teen years working in an all-night restaurant down the Jersey shore, where we didn’t sell alcohol but needed a bouncer to keep the drunks in line after the bars closed and everyone had the munchies.

    Is it any wonder I didn’t stop with school I until I got a PhD?

  4. Jenifer said,

    legal blog surfer?! really? really?
    hate elsewhere little one.

    7 years is not that big an age difference!!

  5. Umm, yeah, when I am 33 and my sister is 40, not that big a deal. When I was 13 hanging out with my sister and her 20 year old friends, well I think that may have accelerated my growing up; just a bit.

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