May 3, 2007

“Single White Female” But Without the Creepiness

Posted in Lawyer Lifestyles at 5:14 pm by devilwearsbrooksbrothers

I remember when I was younger and still in high school, my sister would let me drive to her apartment and stay there when she was away.  I didn’t do anything wild or crazy; I didn’t throw parties or even invite boys over.  Mostly I just did school work and pretended that her apartment was mine.  It was nice being grown up, even if it was just for an afternoon.

Well, I got to play grown up lawyer for a week while L was in Italy.  I will admit I liked the lawyer lifestyle while it lasted; a big house, a designer dog and all the accessories and pocketbooks my little heart desired.  Lawyers have a pretty swanky life.  Well, that is once you pay off all your student loans.  Of course, I was looking at your world through rose-colored glasses; I got all the perks with none of the billable requirements.   

It was nice to slip into someone else’s life for a while.  I spent time in the country, for the record, compared to anywhere else in Center City, Fairmount is the country, without committing to a year’s lease.  I got to take a break from my house and roommates and bed and limited choice in overcoats and have a whole house and king-size bed to myself.  I got to sit on her couch with her dog, watch my favorite TV shows and pretend that it was all mine.  

So, ladies and gentlemen in addition to legal assistant, writer, sister, daughter and friend I am officially also a house and pet sitter extraordinaire.

House sitting is like taking a vacation without the prohibitive cost of travel and accommodations.  Plus, my friends love it as they don’t have to hire a stranger to come collect their mail and water their plants nor do they have to kennel their pets. They also save money because I provide these services free of charge.   

Of course my favorite part was when L came home from Italy with a brand new purse for me as a way of saying “Thank you” from her and her dog.  The bag is tall and green and leather and gorgeous.

Now, if I could somehow fill my schedule, I would no longer require a place of my own.  Thus I too would save money.  But, for now my house-sitting schedule is clear until the end of May.  That is when I will be taking over my sister’s apartment in Center City West.  Sure, she doesn’t have the coats or pocketbooks that L’s closet carries, but Sister’s place is in a great location; it’s near the Schuylkill River Park, Rittenhouse Square and the bar where Jake has been working.

Because no matter how grown up I am pretending to be, I will always “heart” flirting with Jake.


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