October 5, 2006

Last Week On “The Devil Wears Brooks Brothers”

Posted in Blog Backlash at 7:38 pm by devilwearsbrooksbrothers

All week long I was stressed about what I was going to write for this week’s blog.  See, we are coming into the home stretch of our big move.  I am busier than a one-legged man in a butt-kicking contest and no one around me is doing anything interesting or funny.  Even the new girl’s outfits have been relatively tame.


Then last night, after trying to come up with anything to write about, I gave up, flicked on the television and found a repeat of Friends. 


Lauren, my roommate, sat down next to me and said, “What’s with all the flashbacks? I hate when they do this.  It’s like they couldn’t come up with anything to write about this week.”




Don’t worry readers, I won’t bore you with highlights of what I thought were the funniest moments from the blog.  Instead, I will update you on your favorite Blog characters.  For instance I am sure you will all breathe a sigh of relief to know I saw Mr. Backside and a very lovely, if not entirely too skinny, girl walking hand and hand through Rittenhouse Park.  I am legitimately happy to see that he found someone although I am worried that any children they may have will get her skinny ass and not his very fine bottom.  That would be a real tragedy.

This year’s adventure as a beverage bitch went off without a hitch.  I didn’t destroy any landscaping. I managed to keep all the partners and clients thirst free.  I even got to be a demonstration dummy for the golf lesson at the end of the day at Mr. Scares the Pants Off of Me’s request no less. 

Lauren’s nephew started playing soccer this month and the night before his first game he asked his mom if Hottie Totti was going to be on his team. 

Speaking of being in the Zeitgeist, one of the fun features of my blog is that I get to look behind the scenes. I can see how many hits a day I am getting, what posts are being read and where readers are coming from.  There is also a tool that shows me what search phrases people have used to find my blog.  For the most part it is the obvious “Devil Wears Brooks Brothers.”  However I have had a few from “Totti” or “Pat Burrell Shirtless” searches. Still my favorite thus far has been “Tina Yothers Bikini Picture.”  For those three readers who found this page using those terms, I hope you weren’t too disappointed.”

I am obviously still with the firm. I didn’t get married this past weekend, nor has any bigger and brighter firm been able to lure me away.  As for my significant other situation, as guessed by those that know me best, he lasted approximately three weeks and is now gone, as is the distraction that never succeeded in getting my full attention. 

And since I didn’t get far with my quest to be a trophy wife, I was stuck packing this week.  While cleaning out a filing cabinet, I came across one of Cabbage Patch’s notebooks.  It brought a tear to my eye.  I sat back on a crate and thumbed through it, looking specifically for any hearts transcribed around our initials.  This week has been really tough and it made me realize just how much I didn’t appreciate Cabbage Patch.

I am also coming across a lot of copies of my “Private Eyes are Watching You” blog.  It seems some industrious individual took it upon him or herself to make multiple copies of the blog and hide them throughout the office for our Office Private Dick to find.  The first one I came across just got chucked.  The second had me raising an eyebrow.  The fourteenth had me laughing as I finally got the joke. 

Oh I am also getting much better at smiling. 



  1. Lorenzo said,

    “Oh I am also getting much better at smiling. ”


  2. jyner_ls said,

    .. 12 2

  3. garry-dz said,


  4. Автор, как с вами связатся?


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