August 4, 2006

I Got Your Insight Right Here

Posted in Blog Backlash at 8:19 pm by devilwearsbrooksbrothers

There is a lot about having this column and now blog that I don’t think I could have prepared myself for.  I was prepared for a certain amount of backlash from attorneys I know, but still haven’t met with much of that. I was prepared for some ribbing from co-workers, but aside from the occasional jab about not wanting something to end up in the column, that has even been minimal and most of the time all together avoidable.

What I wasn’t prepared for was the certain level of celebrity I have obtained, and by certain level I mean with family, friends and a few of you I met at the Young Lawyers Happy Hour.

But celebrity, even my miniscule amount has its downside.  Take for instance the guy I was seeing who wondered when he would make another appearance in my blog.  You all may remember him from his brief mention as a friend traversing the European continent.  Well, he made it back and now not only does he want a mention in the blog, he wants a nickname.  He thinks it will provide insight into my soul.

When did it all go so terribly wrong?

Remember when it was easier.  Remember sixth grade?  Remember passing notes, impossibly and beautifully folded into stars and arrows and messages for so and so’s eyes only.  At the end of the note was typically a question and accompanying the question, the option to circle one Yes or No. 

Now we go on dates, and have levels of commitments and conference calls with friends to dissect each and every email and a blog that gets written and read each week that not only entertains the masses (hey I am loved in Japan) but also provides insight into my soul?

Tony Hawk Jr. moved into our neighborhood just before the sixth grade started. He was riding his skateboard by my house one day as I was just getting back from walking my dog.  He stopped to write my address down on the underside of his board with the black sharpie he always carried with him.

A few weeks later, once school started he asked me out. As my mom cleverly pointed out, we never went anywhere, but it didn’t matter.  We were boyfriend and girlfriend.  We slow danced and school socials, we sat next to each other on the school bus to class field trips, occasionally he would skateboard after school at the mall and I would go and hang out with the other skater girlfriends. I think we may have even kissed once or twice.

He didn’t need a blog or my column to figure me out.  Of course he wasn’t dealing with all of my walls and insecurities and neuroses, but still.

And then he found out he was moving to Florida and we broke up.

And still, I can give my sixth grade boyfriend a nickname, but not him, He Who Shall Remain Unnamed.  I can’t.  I have racked my brain trying to come up with one and maybe it is just that my feelings for him are slightly more complicated than that which can fit into a clever and convenient little catch phrase. Chortlette is little and he doesn’t laugh, he chortles.  Senor Creepy is, well creepy.  Tony Hawk Jr. had blond hair and rode a Tony Hawk skateboard. There is no mystery here folks.

Oddly, this column and blog are about office life and attorneys and I fear no one from my office is taking away any lessons from what they read here, or using this information as insight into my motives.  Just the other day I was practicing my smile with a partner and after he left a girl nearby let me in on the fact that he was a total sleaze.  Well of course he is, but I’ve been told to be nice to everyone – even the sleaze.

The only one who seems at all effected by my work is Mr. Scares the Crap Out of Me.  I swear he is delighted by his infamy and new found stature and instead of shrinking away for fear of more exposure actually seeks out opportunities to make it into another one of these things.


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