July 13, 2006

The Job I Can’t Leave and the Men I Can’t Keep

Posted in Office Hijinks at 7:45 pm by devilwearsbrooksbrothers

Recently, I was at a meeting for the Philadelphia Association of Paralegals.  We all went around introducing ourselves, and after my brief introduction, another paralegal turned to me and said, “Can I talk to you after the meeting?”  I nodded and smiled. 

After the meeting adjourned, Patty Paralegal approached and asked me if I was looking for a new job.  It turns out Patty was leaving her position at one of the city’s largest firms and looking for her replacement.  I guess she liked how smart I looked since I barely spoke three sentences during the meeting and that is including my introduction to the group. 

That or she was desperate. 

Still, I smiled politely, took her card and told her I would call her later that afternoon. 

As I walked back to my office I considered this strange twist of fate. This new firm would probably pay me more, offer me more vacation time and more room to grow and suddenly all of this sounded very wonderful. 

But what if I worked with a bunch of stiffs, or I hated my boss?  What if they made me come in on weekends and stay late even on nights when I had to get home and walk my roommate’s dog? 

Because, while there is a lot about my job I don’t like, I have to admit, I love where I work.  I have a lot of great friends there, my boss, while he doesn’t appreciate me nearly enough, puts up with more than I think any other administrative partner in this city would.  And the parts about my job that I don’t like would still be there at this new place – that is, the actual work part. 

Further, my office lets me write this column and blog, which I imagine one of the largest firms in the city might frown upon.  And even if one of the largest firms in the city did allow me to continue to write this, I doubt I would have the same material. 

After all, what other law firm in this city hires the whack jobs that we do? 

I find myself in a similar position when it comes to relationships as well.  Whenever I find myself with a guy that could potentially be really great; which as all you single gals out there know occurs all too often, I will concurrently find myself distracted by a not-so-great guy. 

Inevitably, I make the wrong choice and whatever could have happened with the good guy falls to shit which could be why my average relationship life span is three weeks.  Still, I wonder how it is I can commit myself to a job that I should detest, but not a guy I could love. 

As promised, later that afternoon I called Patty, thanked her for thinking so highly of me, but declined the chance to interview with her firm all the same.  I then walked into my boss’s office and relayed the whole story to him, sans the parallel to my love life. 

He laughed and said I should have taken the interview since he was currently interviewing for my replacement.

I laughed and left his office.  As if I ever let him see the resumes of competent sounding legal assistants. 


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  1. Dear Sarah:

    Your column in Friday’s Legal Intelligencer was wonderful. You are a great writer. With the absolute dominance of air conditioning, I don’t understand why anyone would wear summer clothes to the office. I always take a hat and sweatshirt with me so I can cope with the oppressive air conditioning. I look forward to the fall when I can be warm. I didn’t realize that short sleeve shirts were so uncool. Thank you. I cannot comment on womenswear. However, your last sentence was brilliant.

    Good luck on your writing and professional careers. I hope you become a full time writer. I am bookmarking your blog, and will be checking on it.

    Check out my occasional blogs at http://microbrewjournalism.blogspot.com/
    and my website

    My wife used to be a proofreader. I am taking home your column for her to enjoy tonight.

    Aaron Finestone

    P.S. Also a Temple journalism grad

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