April 20, 2006

Excuse Me, but You Have a Bit of Baklava on Your Nose

Posted in Office Hijinks at 8:20 pm by devilwearsbrooksbrothers

My friend L. and I run along Kelly Drive in the mornings. We do this to keep ourselves healthy and relieve stress, but mostly to check out other runners. While running, L. and I will swap stories about what is annoying us most.  For me it's mostly family and boys I am seeing; for L. it's neighbors, co-workers and of course boys she is seeing.   

So as we started off past boathouse row one morning, L. started venting about a third-year in her office.  It seems the other day L.’s boss was having a bad day; a really bad day.  The kind of really bad day that ends with a young associate getting fired.  L., who keeps a box of greeting cards at her desk and hates to see young associates wrongfully terminated, decided she would give her boss a card; a simple,  "Hey hope today is better than yesterday" sort of jobby, no big deal.  She signed everyone in her group's name, licked the envelope and was about to seal it when in hopped the bright-eyed, bushy tailed third-year.

BEBTTY — let's call her Flopsie — asked L. what she was doing and L. told her about her boss’s day and the card. Flopsie responded: “What a good idea, let me sign it.” 

L. looked at Flopsie quizzically and replied: “I just said, I signed if from everyone.”

See, L. is a good attorney.  She knows about billables and she knows that her boss might be annoyed that L. took even a couple of minutes out of everyone’s very tight schedules to have them sign a card for him. Further, L. wasn’t going to waste her time walking around the office getting everyone’s John Hancock.

“But, L. if you sign it from everyone, it will look like you got a card and signed if from everyone,” Flopsie pointed out.  L. left out how Flopsie said this, but as we were running I imagined her head cocked to one side, her hands on her hips, possibly blowing a big pink bubble to punctuate the sentence.

L. stood up and replied: “But that’s what I did.”  L. then walked down the hall to her boss’s office and dropped the card on his desk.   

The next morning L. went into work.  Her assistant had been calling her cell phone, but L. didn’t pick up.  When she approached her assistant, her assistant told her she needed to speak with her in her office. Apparently, Flopsie got up extra early that morning to get their boss some Baklava and left it on his desk.   

L. was steamed.  She went to her boss’s office saw the spread and the note that said something to the effect, “Hope this brightens your day – Flopsie.”   

What could L. do?  She tried to be nice and thoughtful and Flopsie turned her gesture into a kiss-ass competition.  So L. grabbed a piece of baklava, which she commented was really good, went back to her office and shut the door.


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  1. Rich from 10 Stone said,

    email me at this address and then we can exchange formal info…not crazy about posting on this board.

    can’t resist an intense hockey fan. ;0)

    didn’t know you were a writer…i’ve written 4 feature scripts, one short, and two cable pilots in 5 years. get in touch if you want to talk writing and hockey.


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